Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Final Audit Of Mammon" Free Download

La Mere Vipere

Here at long last is our first full length Final Audit of Mammon. After a year that included line-up changes, Chris Conrad breaking his finger, and the usual paralyzing ennui we finally managed to get it all together for you. The album is free because we feel that CDs are redundant, LPs are prohibitively expensive (for us), and we want as many people as possible to have access to it. If you are so inclined please copy and share the album or post it on yr own blog via the mediafire link. Thanks for taking the time to listen and we hope that you enjoy! (and thanks to Jason Hodges for all his help fixing the download problems)


1. Second Testament
2. Translucent Skull
3. Narcotic Feather
4. Vichy
5. Synthetic Muslim
6. Bloodless Pharaoh
7. Gallows Cheats
8. First Command
9. Survivor's Guilt
10. Omar

Includes album art and lyrics


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  1. I've been told there are some problems downloading this, so sorry about that. We're working on it. If you don't get all the songs please contact me and I'll email you what's missing. Thanks!