Saturday, February 20, 2010

LMV show 2/26/10

La Mere Vipere is playing Friday Feb 26 at The Triple to commemorate the completion of our album Final Audit of Mammon. Branden Whittaker has amicalbly left the drum seat and we wish him all the best. Alex Tomlin is rejoining the band and this will be his first show back so look forward to the "Tomlin Bros. Precision Killing" rhythm section making its reappearance (for the record that's my nickname for them, they think it's stupid). We'll be giving away CDRs of the album for free cuz we're nice like that.

So if that's not enough to get you to come (and I imagine it's not) our beloved Buck Gooter will be there playing some new material off their awesome new album Dogfood Towers (a band not to be missed) AND this show will mark the live debut of The Gilmore Guys, which is the new incarnation of the much missed Bunny Rabbits featuring my personal guitar hero Matt Bell of Spiritfingers.

Thanks to Tim Sinclair for the great flyer and Danny Ingram for setting up the show. I've always wondered what a snakeskin Venus de Milo would luck like... only Axel Rose and Liberace have seen the real one

LMV article In The Black and White

PJ Sykes took some photos of us during the recording and mixing of Final Audit of Mammon and posted them on his blog with a nice right up. Thanks PJ!

Check it out here

Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Command

Here's the video for First Command from by Jeff Roll via Warped Theory Productions. Marvel at the spellbinding performances, dramatic angles, disgusting amputations, confused quasi-political jargon (courtesy of yours truly, and people drinking and turning into monsters. Featuring Best Actor in Music Video (short form) Oscar Nominee W. Alex Tomlin.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Final Audit Of Mammon" Free Download

La Mere Vipere

Here at long last is our first full length Final Audit of Mammon. After a year that included line-up changes, Chris Conrad breaking his finger, and the usual paralyzing ennui we finally managed to get it all together for you. The album is free because we feel that CDs are redundant, LPs are prohibitively expensive (for us), and we want as many people as possible to have access to it. If you are so inclined please copy and share the album or post it on yr own blog via the mediafire link. Thanks for taking the time to listen and we hope that you enjoy! (and thanks to Jason Hodges for all his help fixing the download problems)


1. Second Testament
2. Translucent Skull
3. Narcotic Feather
4. Vichy
5. Synthetic Muslim
6. Bloodless Pharaoh
7. Gallows Cheats
8. First Command
9. Survivor's Guilt
10. Omar

Includes album art and lyrics