Friday, January 27, 2012

Buy the Prayers Are For Beggars at the CNP Roach Motel Blog!

Our rad new album Prayers Are For Beggars (or as it's known amongst Grammy voters PAFB) can be purchased through Pay Pal at the CNP blog The Roach Motel. Get the beautful marble vinyl in this pressing while you can as subsequent pressings will be cardboard circles with spirals drawn on them

UPDATED: The record is now available through the recently updated CNP website, so... everybody don't rush at once!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Read 'em and weep boys, an advance review of Prayers are for Beggars

The website reviewed our new album, Prayers are for Beggars, and had some nice things to say about it so please check it out here

and don't forget about our show coming up on fri aug 12th with Iceage, Lost Tribe and Dead Fame, more details here. I think we're the only band that doesn't have a light show

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prayers Are For Beggars LP and download

Our new album Prayers Are For Beggars has been sent off to the presses and should be coming back in September. It's gonna be a real deal, honest to goodness vinyl LP with a code for a digital download so you can enjoy it at home in quadraphonic sound or on the go in yr portable Victrola device.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Upcoming LMV stuff

Sorry to neglect this thing, but in a few weeks we're gonna be getting back into gear with the new LMV album "Prayers Are For Beggars", which will be available for free download here, and in a CD/7" combo that will be available at

also, gonna start playing some shows TBA in Richmond and hitting the East Coast this summer. more info available soon...

Also some T-Shirts in the future if you like looking like you feel

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LMV live on WRIR 4/30 & Show 5/3 at Strange Matter

We're playing a bunch of new songs live on WRIR 97.3 Friday Apr 30th on the What The Fontaine! show between 9-11 pm plus there will be an interview with yours truly (i.e. me) and I'll be playing some music that's influenced the band as well... so tune in and see if flop sweat is audible over the air waves.

Click the WRIR link to listen live or check the What The Fontaine! link in a few days for a podcast of the show.

In other news we're jumping on a show monday May 3rd at Strange Matter (aka Twisters, aka Nanci Raygun, aka the place you once drank underage)with the mighty Buck Gooter and the always awesome Spiritfingers. Probably get rolling around 10.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some Images, Video and Sound from 2/26

This is a photo from PJ Sykes of Me and Billy Brat From Buck Gooter singin a new LMV song called Leave them behind. Also Silver Persinger recorded the entire show on video which you can check out here along with Buck Gooter and The Gilmore Guys performances or if you'd prefer an MP3 of the show he posted that here. Thanks for capturing these cherished memories, fellas!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

LMV show 2/26/10

La Mere Vipere is playing Friday Feb 26 at The Triple to commemorate the completion of our album Final Audit of Mammon. Branden Whittaker has amicalbly left the drum seat and we wish him all the best. Alex Tomlin is rejoining the band and this will be his first show back so look forward to the "Tomlin Bros. Precision Killing" rhythm section making its reappearance (for the record that's my nickname for them, they think it's stupid). We'll be giving away CDRs of the album for free cuz we're nice like that.

So if that's not enough to get you to come (and I imagine it's not) our beloved Buck Gooter will be there playing some new material off their awesome new album Dogfood Towers (a band not to be missed) AND this show will mark the live debut of The Gilmore Guys, which is the new incarnation of the much missed Bunny Rabbits featuring my personal guitar hero Matt Bell of Spiritfingers.

Thanks to Tim Sinclair for the great flyer and Danny Ingram for setting up the show. I've always wondered what a snakeskin Venus de Milo would luck like... only Axel Rose and Liberace have seen the real one